Keywords: ConceptBase, constraint, integrity, Semantic-based Modelling, Telos

Affiliation: Manfred Jeusfeld, University of Skövde, Sweden

Area of Application

Semcheck: Checking Constraints for Multi- Perspective Modelling Languages

Semcheck realizes integrity checking services for modeling languages by using the ConceptBase system.


Enterprises are complex and dynamic organizations that can hardly be understood from a single viewpoint. Enterprise modelling tackles this problem by providing multiple, specialized modelling languages, each designed for representing information about the enterprise from a given viewpoint. The OMiLAB initiative promotes the use of meta-modelling to design such domain-specific languages and to provide them by an open repository to the community. In this OMiLAB project, we discuss how this meta-modelling approach can be combined with the design of integrity constraints that span multiple modelling languages. Semcheck provides the services of the ConceptBase system as a constraint checker for modelling languages created by modelling tols like ADOxx.