Semantic-based Modeling Framework for Information Systems

Keywords: Ontologies, OWL, Semantic annotation, Semantic-based Modelling

Affiliation: Hans-Georg Fill, University of Fribourg

SeMFIS Research Projects

SeMFIS is in use for several research projects and university courses for teaching semantic-based modeling. It also serves as a basis for several practical courses on meta modeling as well as a number of bachelor, master theses and dissertations.On this page we present current research projects as well as some of the best results achieved in students' projects with SeMFIS including extensions that have been integrated in the official SeMFIS distribution.

Extensions of SeMFIS and Applications to Use Cases

  • Katerina Dimitraki (2017): Semantic Annotations for BPMN models : extending SeMFIS for supporting ontology reasoning and query functionalities, Post-graduate Thesis, University of Crete (Permanent Link, PDF).

Extensions of SeMFIS Core

Extensions of SeMFIS as a Basis for Visualizations

  • Amine Saoudi & Clemens Böhm: Extending the SeMFIS Toolkit with Model-based

Information Visualization approaches (Documentation, ABL File for ADOxx 1.5 & ADL File with Sample Models, Presentation)

Adaptation of the SeMFIS Protégé Plugin for Protégé 5.x

Research Project on integrating SWRL Rules in SeMFIS

  • Screencast of the current results