Semantic-based Modeling Framework for Information Systems

Keywords: Ontologies, OWL, Semantic annotation, Semantic-based Modelling

Affiliation: Hans-Georg Fill, University of Fribourg


In this section a range of technologies and implementations are made available to authenticated users of the open models platform to illustrate the concepts of SeMFIS. In particular the three pillars of SeMFIS:

  • Meta Models and Modeling
  • Mechanisms and Algorithms and
  • Support Tools

are provided. The examples shown in the meta models and modeling subsections serve as practical examples for integrating SeMFIS meta models in arbitrary knowledge areas. Currently the knowledge area of service-oriented business process management is supported. The modeling subsection contains a web-based modeling tool running as a Java applet and an interactive model viewer for the SeMFIS model repository. The Support Tools subsection currently contains a specifically adapted version of the Protégé (available at tool that allows to import ontologies into theSeMFIS modeling toolkit. The Mechanisms and Algorithms subsection will be extended in the next months, providing a range of semantic-enabled services that can be used to process semantic information in arbitrary knowledge areas and their modeling languages.

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