Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modeling (MEMO)

Keywords: Domain-Specific Modeling Languages, Meta Modeling, Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modeling

Affiliation: Research Group Information Systems and Enterprise Modeling, University of Duisburg-Essen

Tutorials and Exercises

Here we provide you with additional material to get started with MEMO4ADO, to get a fuller view of the MEMO method by exploring more extensive example models, and to learn about the tool's advanced capabilities in more detail.

Video Tutorials

In order to support you in getting started with MEMO4ADO, the following tutorial videos provide guidance on preparing and working with the tool.

Example Models

In order to provide a fuller overview of MEMO4ADO and the MEMO modeling languages, the here provided example model integratively describes an enterprise from different perspectives using all the different MEMO modeling languages. It is one of the most comprehensive example enterprise models freely available.

How to Get Started Package

Here you can download a small starting package that includes two MEMO research articles, the example model, and a short manual on how to import and explore the example model.

NEMO Summer School 2019 Tutorial

Here you can download the resources related to the lecture held by Prof. Dr. U. Frank and the tutorial held by Alexander Bock as part of NEMO Summer School 2019. For the tutorial, you require an installation of the tool MEMO4ADO 1.1. You can either download the Standalone Tool on the Tool-Download page, or you can download the ADOxx Libary below (import the library in the ADOxx Administration Toolkit, assign it to a user, and use it in the ADOxx Modeling Toolkit). You can also download the Case Study Scenario Model used in the tutorial below.

NEMO Summer School 2017 Tutorial

Here you can download the exercise resources related to the lecture held by Prof. Dr. Frank as part of NEMO Summer School 2017.