Human Cognitive Model Language Modeler

Keywords: Ambient Assistance, Cognitive Modeling

Affiliation: Universität Klagenfurt

Technological progress is taking place in many areas of our lives. Although many everyday practices have been simplified, the use and handling of technical devices is becoming more and more complicated. Think about the descaling of a fully automatic coffee machine, which requires a certain knowledge of the correct order of the keys (which rarely appears logical). Other examples are the programming of a DVD player (or VCR) to record the favorite series at the right time. Already choosing the right remote control is difficult.

Thus, the whole HBMS-System can be helpful for

  • the interaction with electronic devices,
  • supporting electronic business processes,
  • activities of daily living and
  • supporting interaction with ambient assisted living tools and systems.

The HCM-L Modeler makes it possible to model such activities based on the experiences and the individuality of a person.