Human Cognitive Model Language Modeler

Keywords: Ambient Assistance, Cognitive Modeling

Affiliation: Universität Klagenfurt

Modelling Toolkit - V1.0

The modelling tool developed in the project is packaged and can be downloaded by interested communities members as a standalone application. The download package is made available to all members, community members are informed accordingly when a new release is made available.

  1. Installation Kit

    Please note that the tool you download is implemented as an experimental prototype and may contain premature functionality.

    Download and Install Modeling Environment:

    1. Download the  modelling toolkit (~300 MB)
    2. Extract the package to a local folder of your choice (executing the setup from within the ZIP file might cause permission issues).
    3.Run "setup.exe" from the root directory to install the tool.
    4.In case of issues related to the setup (database initialization, collation settings), please visit for detailed instructions and solutions or have a look at the support documents in the “dbinfo” folder.

  • To access the tutorial, it is located in \setup\BOC\HCML_02_SA\books\english\HCM_L_User_Manual.pdf

  • To access the example models, it is located in \setup\BOC\HCML_02_SA\examples\models.adl