Human Cognitive Model Language Modeler

Keywords: Ambient Assistance, Cognitive Modeling

Affiliation: Universität Klagenfurt

Area of Application

The HCM-L Modeler is developed and realized as part of the HBMS (Human Behavior Monitoring and Support) project. HBMS aims at helping individuals to manage their day-to-day activities by assisting them in using their own former related knowledge when needed. This knowledge is learned by observation, activity recognition, modelling and model integration.The modelling language HCM-L was developed, according to the OMi approach, as a domain specific language based on common fundamentals. HCM-L is lean (few and powerful concepts) and is intuitively understandable by users of the AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) domain, e.g., by psychologists or care givers.


HCM-L Modeler provides a comprehensive modelling tool for HCM-L based on ADOxx . In particular, the HCM-L Modeler covers the entirety of HCM-L concepts, including syntax, semantics and consistency checking. In the next development stage HCM-L Modeler modules will support complex scenarios, model optimization and advanced reasoning techniques.Various functionalities provided by ADOxx will also be available at the HCM-L Modeler interface: archiving, analyses, querying, creation of tables, user rights management, ready-made solutions for publishing opportunities, and graphical tool support for the representation and manipulation of objects.