Keywords: Automated haptic object to model transformation, Design Thinking Prototyping, Storyboards

Affiliation: University of Vienna

Tag recognition application (virtual machine image)

This virtual machine image contains the tag recognition application for Scene2Model 5.2.2. As this version is deprecated, this application is not longer supported on this webpage. If you still need to use this Scene2Model version, please contact us.

Scene2Model modeling tool - documentation

This document contains a documentation for the usage of the Scene2Model modelling tool and the tag recognition software (virtual machine image).

Download Please use this button to download the Documentation.

Figures and tags

The first document contains the paper figures and the corresponding tags, as they are used in the standard installation of the Scene2Model tool. The second file contains used and unused tags, which are used for identifying the paper figures and calculating the coordinates. It contains the reference tags (which are needed for the set-up of the Scene2Model table), the tags (which are used for the paper figures and are the same as the ones in the first file) and not used tags (which can be used for additional figures).

Most of the figures (from the first file) are taken from SAP ScenesTM by SAP AppHaus ( The figures are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share-alike license (

The tags (from the second file) are created with the ArUco library ( which is based on OpenCV (

Download Paper figures with tags

Download List of tags

Download Reference tags for calculating the position of the figures (A3 sheet)

Example models for the Scene2Model tool

These two .adl files contain sample models for the Scene2Model tool. They can be imported using the "ADO Import" of the tool.

The first one contains scenes and processes, which show an automated coffee order. Also, a storyboard and a process map example can be found.

The second one contains scenes, which describe an as-it-is scenario and a planned future scenario for a detergent vendor.

Download remarks: If you click the button and the download do not start automatically, a new window or tab should open, showing the content of the .adl files. The file must be saved from the new browser window or tab. If the content is not shown, make a right-click and choose "Save link as ...". Afterwards control if the file is really saved with the ending ".adl" and not something else like, e.g. ".txt" or ".html". (If these tips are not working, please try another browser. It was tested with Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.)

Download Coffee order - sample models (.adl file)

Download Detergent vendor - sample models (.adl file)

For using Scene2Model in ADOxx

These two files are needed if the Scene2Model tool should be used in an ADOxx installation.
The "s2m_1.5.2.abl" file must be imported into the ADOxx Development Toolkit and the "Scene2Model" folder must be copied into the installtion folder of ADOxx. Afterwards the modelling tool can be started and used.

Download Scene2Model 1.5.2 ADOxx library

Download Scene2Model addtional folder