Regensburg University Process Excellence and Reengineering Toolkit

Keywords: Business Process Improvement, Business Transformation, Quality Management

Affiliation: Regensburg University

Area of Application

RUPERT can be used in any quality management project in the service as well as production sector that aims at a systematic improvement of business processes. The techniques of the BPI Roadmap are well-suited for being applied in workshops enabling group discussions and the development of creative solutions. The results are visualized as conceptual models which support an easy documentation, communication and processing.


Quality management is of utter importance for companies facing constantly changing customer requirements and growing market transparency. Existing methods of quality management (e.g. Six Sigma, TQM, etc.) enable enterprises to optimize their business processes. This is achieved by the application of method-specific quality techniques. However, regarding the variety of existing quality methods and techniques, most responsibles are overstrained in selecting an appropriate approach for realizing a certain quality goal.