Enterprise Architecture Management with ArchiMate Tutorial at ICEIS 2018

Enterprise Architecture Management with AchiMate

We kindly ask each participant to download an install the ArchiMate modeling tool form this side:

We will use this tool during the practical parts of the tutorial.


Information systems arguably play an ever increasing role in the operations of modern enterprises. These information systems also evolved from supporting basic business functions to complex integrated enterprise platforms and ecosystems. Due to this complexity, enterprises increasingly adopt enterprise architecture as a means to manage complexity and change. Furthermore, enterprise architecture itself evolved from being a modeling exercise and a means to align business and IT to a corporate management function concerned with managing all facets of an enterprise. 

This tutorial investigates the pivotal role of enterprise architecture management as an essential strategy to manage enterprise change and thus sustainability. In particular, the focus is on how the widely adopted industry standard ArchiMate modeling language supports enterprise architecture management.

After a brief introduction to the foundations of enterprise architecture management, ArchiMate, and the ArchiMate modeling tool, participants practically apply an ArchiMate modeling tool in a case study. Thereafter, a focus group discussion will be conducted to reflect on the fitness of ArchiMate for managing enterprise architectures.