PSS Scenario Modeller

Keywords: Decision making, Design, modelling, Product-Service System, Scenario

Affiliation: Mines Saint-Etienne

Area of Application

The PSS Scenario Modeller stemmed from use cases in the manufacturing sectors and is driven by the need i) for an integrated product and service design, and ii) for designing the whole value network of the PSS so as to have a clear vision of the PSS organisational scenarios and provide the designers with valuable decision support. Although the primary focus of the PSS Modeller is on the manufacturing sector and particularly in capital goods, the modelling method used for building the PSS Scenarios Modeller suggests that this latter is fully open to future enrichments and evolutions.


PSS Scenarios Modeller aims to provide a visual representation of the Product-Service Systems (PSS) organizational scenarios and a starting point for analysing and discussing them. It consists of i) several interrelated models reflecting various standpoints required for Product-Service Systems Engineering and ii) a modelling procedure which guides the users of PSS Scenarios Modeller throughout the modelling process consistently with the PSS engineering steps.