Keywords: PetriNets, Petrixx

Affiliation: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Area of Application

Modelling and Analyzing of:

  • Software
  • Systems

Concurrency is a research problem for decades. Petri Nets are suitable to describe and formalize processes which are concurrent. The notion of Petri Nets according to "Understanding Petri Nets" by Wolfgang Reisig serves as the cornerstone of this software project.



Petrixx enables to model and play the tokengame in order to simulate certain behaviour of a Petri Net. Plus it displays the current status of the model as a graph. Furthermore, Petrixx analyze Petri Nets through integration of the Low Level Petri Net Analyzer (LoLA). A converter functionality is provided within Petrixx to transform the active model into a format which is required by "LoLA" and can be stored as a file for other purposes. Also, the composition operator according to the Paper "Simple Composition of Nets" by Wolfgang Reisig was realized which makes Petrixx to an unique tool.