Affiliation: Humboldt Universität Berlin

Area of Application

The cornerstone of the implementation of the Petri Nets simulation tool is the book "Petrinetze" by Wolfgang Reisig which serves as the basis of Petri Nets, providing us with a good understanding of the mathematical background of the Petri Nets and with all the means for identifying and implementing the basic mechanisms which ensure the correctness of an implemented Petri Net.




The main goal of this project is the implementation of a simulation tool which provides the user with the capability of describing or studying any information system with the use of Petri Nets through its simulation with the use of the given tool. The developed tool aims, not only to provide the user with the means of designing a Petri Net, from the modelling aspect of view, but also with the means of examining, whether the designed Petri Net fulfils the correctness criteria or not.