Conceptual Design of Multi-View Modeling Tools

Keywords: Conceptual Design, Multi-View Modelling, Requirements Modelling, Tool Development

Affiliation: University of Vienna

Area of Application

The MuVieMoT modeling environment supports modeling tool developers in specifying the requirements of a multi-view modeling method in a model-driven manner. MuVieMoT comprises several steps that guide the user during the requirements eilicitation process


Effectiveness of comprehensive modelling methods considerably benefits by the availability of appropriate tool support. However, conventional softare engineering procedure models and meta modeling platforms to not fit adeqautely to the requirements of modeling methods. This all the more holds for the specifics of multi-view modeling methods. These methods, decomposing a model for a system under study (SUS) into several, corresponding views, require a more dedicated procedure in order to ease the and enable efficient development of multi-view modeling tools.