Keywords: Production Management Systems

Affiliation: EU-Project

Area of Application

The ComVantage modelling method aims to support the ComVantage project and its end-users, by positioning the subject under study in the wider context of supply chain management. The project investigates new possibilities for enterprise collaboration, opened by the Linked Data paradigm and the shift from isolated information silos to a semantically interoperable data infrastructure, with mobile interaction support. It directly addresses requirements from application areas such as plant commissioning, remote mobile maintenance and customer-oriented production.


The prototype developed in OMILab aims to support experimentation activities and is mainly focused on the aspects of the modelling method that aim to capture the business process-based requirements for mobile apps. App features and capabilities can be modelled on several levels of detail - as high level features, as structures of low-level features or/and as interaction process models.

Remote access to the tool can be obtained from this page. To get access to the modelling tool please apply for ComVantage project membership on OMI. Alternatively, the ADOxx source of the tool can be obtained from the Downloads section (it requires an ADOxx installation, which can be downloaded for free here).