Workshop on “Enterprise Modeling” at CAiSE’2015

Workshop on “Enterprise Modeling” at CAiSE’2015


The purpose of this workshop is to focus on a core topic in business and information systems engineering research. Enterprise modeling is an established approach for the conceptual representation, design, implementation and analysis of information systems and has gained much attention in academia as well as in industry. Enterprise modeling is today of primary importance to develop, analyze and deploy information systems that operate in today’s user-driven world with massive amounts of exchanged information. It contributes with the conceptualization, implementation, and use of machine processable languages to facilitate the interaction with complex business and technological scenarios, engage in knowledge management and support organizational engineering. In addition, the development of reference models for selected domains, the design of generic models for enterprise architecture management, and the development of modeling tools are investigated.

In this workshop the discussion shall be fostered both on the foundations and applications in enterprise modeling, as well as on the model-based development and evolution of enterprise- wide IS from a conceptual / business perspective. For the description of innovative and rigorously elaborated research results a wide variety of research methodologies are welcomed including but not limited to the use of mathematical modeling, simulation, case studies, and prototyping methodologies.


For the workshop we solicit high quality contributions in the form of papers according to the LNBIP format (12 pages), which will be presented in 20 minutes presentations + 10 minutes of discussions.

The proceedings of all the workshops held in conjunction with CAiSE 2015 will be published as a single volume in the Springer LNBIP series.

All papers must be prepared in accordance with the Springer/LNBIP camera-ready format and be submitted electronically (in PDF) via the submission website (

All submissions should include title, authors, and full contact information. Detailed instructions for authors are available on the Springer website:

You can download the Copyright Form in the Download section.

Arrangement with the BISE Journal

The best papers accepted for the workshop will be invited to submit extended versions to the BISE Journal (impact factor of 1.2 in 2012) in the Department Enterprise Modeling and Enterprise IS.