ADOxx Horus Method

Keywords: Business Process Management

Affiliation: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Area of Application

The Horus modeling method for business process engineering comprises steps for an integrated modeling of business processes and for the improvement and further use of the created models. The application of this method always considers a business process in terms of its organizational environment. This is realized by using a set of interrelated models describing different aspects of the business process which are part of the Horus modeling method.


A special feature of the Horus modelling method is the use of XML nets for process descriptions. XML nets are high-level Petri nets where tokens represent identifiable objects (Lenz and Oberweis, 2003). The places are typed by an XML schema whereby places can be interpreted as containers for XML documents describing relevant process objects. Using XML nets enables the integrated modelling of structured business objects and object flows as well as process simulation.” (Source: Fill et al., 2013)