Process-Goal Alignment modeling and analysis technique

Keywords: Business architecture, Enterprise modeling, Heat map, Process-Goal Alignment, Strategic fit

Affiliation: Open University of the Netherlands, Ghent University

Area of Application

Our modeling technique is continuously applied through case studies in the private and public sector. This allows us to evaluate and gradually refine the modeling language and the supporting procedure. Currently, we are also working on the extension of the technique by a simulation mechanism. Results of this research can be consulted by taking a look at the publications. 


The realization of strategic fit within the business architecture is an important challenge for organizations. As existing conceptual modeling techniques only provide partial solutions for the issue of realizing strategic fit, the PGA technique is presented in this project. This technique combines the visual expressiveness of heat mapping techniques with the analytical capabilities of performance measurement and prioritization techniques to provide a comprehensible and well-informed approach for the realization of strategic fit within an organization’s business architecture. The design of the proposed technique is guided by means of Action Design Research, which included iterative cycles of building, intervention, and evaluation through case studies. To support the application of the technique, a software tool was developed using the ADOxx meta-modeling platform.