Business Process Risk management – Integrated Method

Keywords: Meta-Modeling, Modeling Tool, Multi-View Modeling Method, Risk-aware Business Process Management

Affiliation: IMT Mines Albi, CGI, INU Champollion, ISIS, University of Toulouse, ISITCom, University of Sousse

Area of Application

AdoBPRIM is a modeling tool for e-BPRIM, a multi-view modeling application of BPRIM, an integrated process-risk management methodological framework.

AdoBPRIM is implemented using the ADOxx meta-modeling platform. It provides one of the most comprehensive and elaborate risk-aware business process modeling environments available today. The tool allows the creation of multiple interdependent viewpoints covering different aspects of risks and business processes and fully respecting a well-defined modeling procedure. These viewpoints are described with a common modeling language of both risks and business processes, the e-BPRIM modeling language. An integrated meta-model called e-BPRIM meta-model is at the core of a formal specification of the modeling language. AdoBPRIM also implements mechanisms and algorithms to manage and keep consistency among the different elaborated views.

An overview of AdoBPRIM, e-BPRIM, and BPRIM

                              Figure 1 - An overview of AdoBPRIM, e-BPRIM, and BPRIM


Further details regarding e-BPRIM and AdoBPRIM can be found on the Details page. Research publications concerning the theoretical background of e-BPRIM and AdoBPRIM can be found on the Publications page. You can download the tool on the Download page. In order to get started using e-BPRIM and AdoBPRIM, the Tutorials page provides you with various helpful resources and examples. Some case studies showing the utilization of the AdoBPRIM modelling tool is discussed on the Case Studies page.