Business Process Risk management – Integrated Method

Keywords: Business Process Management, Risk Management

Affiliation: ISITCom Tunisia - INP Toulouse

Area of Application

A business process is characterized by the integration of different business areas of the organization into a vision of value creation for stakeholders. However, these processes are exposed to uncertain and unexpected events, which could be inherent for the achievement of process objectives and, consequently, affect the process value. Hence, in order to preserve the value created by its processes, the organization needs to identify and assess such events through risk management practices.

To face this need, a new paradigm called Risk-aware Business Process Management (R-BPM) has recently emerged. It aims to integrate the two traditionally separated fields of risk management and Business Process Management (BPM). The R-BPM promotes risks consideration in all stages of BPM lifecycle and enables a robust and efficient BPM within an uncertain environment. Integrating risks aspects during BPM starts by representation of risks and their characteristics in business process models. In this context, several R-BPM approaches were proposed in literature. Most of them concentrate on risks management at the design stage of BPM lifecycle, in particular, the “Business Process-risk management - Integrated Method” (BPRIM) proposed by our research team.

Currently, a large number of business process modelling languages are available such as Petri nets, Event-driven Process Chain (EPC), UML activity diagrams, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Yet Another Workflow Language (YAWL) and many others. Although some of these languages are very broad and cover a variety of aspects, none of them can sufficiently integrate both risk and business process aspects. That is why risk incorporation in business process models is still a challenging research task.

To advance the theory of risk in the business process context, we propose a risk-aware business process modelling tool based on the BPRIM approach and using the ADOxx meta-modelling platform.



Business Process modelling is a key element in the management of organizations. Although, risk is an element that can affect business process negatively, it is still managed independently. A necessary link is missing between business process and risk models. To better manage risk related to business process, it should be integrated and evaluated dynamically within the business process models. Currently, there are different modelling languages allowing business process modelling. Nevertheless, there are few modelling languages allowing risk modelling and even fewer ones that integrate both concepts related to risks and business processes. Based on this need and these observations, we propose a risk-aware business process modelling tool using the ADOxx meta-modelling platform.