What is the ADOxx Metamodel Analyzer? 

ADOxx Metamodel Analyzer is a web application for the analysis of ADOxx meta models. This analysis system has algorithmic functions to evaluate and visualize a meta model approximately by design quality. The model analyzes can be performed entirely in Internet web browsers and do not require any additional components. Accordingly, it is sufficient for the modeler to call the web application and upload the model to be analyzed to the page.


Main part of this work is the quality measurement and evaluation of ADOxx meta models. The goal was first to make the meta model measurable. For this reason, the model elements were scrutinized at the start of the quality analysis. As a basis for measurement, QMOOD metrics were used as a template for the measurement.

For reasons of clarity, the visualization of analyzed quality metric is displayed in different views such as tables and diagrams. Depending on the situation, both or only one or the other were used in the analysis results.


For the optimization of algorithms certain functionalities could still be added in the future. One of these would be, for example, the history function. This functionality could be used to compare the models already analyzed.


The publication can be downloaded here.


This Tool/Service is open-source.